Part II Alberta, is it time to consider life without Canada?

This is the second post as a follow up to “Alberta is it time to consider life without Canada.”

Part II

I will address the many insights, points and arguments in the forum and lay out a plan to move forward. The readers can decide.

First I would like to apologize to the farmers, loggers and anyone else in Alberta that is not working directly in the Oilfield. It was pointed out to me that the transfer payments to Ottawa are not solely from oil and gas royalties. They are also revenue from every government fee, personal tax, corporate tax and dollar we all spend in Alberta. It all goes into general government revenue.

Secondly I would like to thank people for the endless texts, messages and notes of support. The people of Alberta love Canada but, like me, realism has set in. It’s also obvious that the rest of Canada east of Saskatchewan don’t want us to leave. Do not believe we have the right to leave, can’t leave, will not leave and don’t own the oil. Some comments had poor choices of grammar, lacked punctuation and were just rants centered around swear words. My conclusion on these comments were lucky the person attempting to write them will only have to know enough English grammar to “make their mark” on the ballet, an X.

Once again, like the vast majority of Albertans, I am not yet a separatist, but a realist. We love our country, we don’t want to leave. But we are serious, things have to change. Do I want to choke out Junior like many of my former military friends and oilfield workers? No. But I do believe in tough negotiations. Conversations where there is eye contact. Honest, direct and courageous thoughts are put on the table. Where the right about of pressure when tactfully applied will cause him to lose his breath slightly because of the possible outcome.

When Premier Danny Williams was sent home by Steven Harper and denied the same royalty package that Alberta has, Danny held a news conference and ordered every Canadian flag in the province of Newfoundland lowered until further notice. It embarrassed the conservative government in Ottawa. Danny got his royalties. Why hasn’t the leadership of Alberta done something? Anything?

There was some very interesting and intelligent debate going on in the forum. I had to research some of the comments. I will attempt to answer the questions, share the facts with and you can make your own conclusions.

Here are the cards we are holding and the hand we have. Ask yourself if it’s the winning hand?

Canadian Constitution guarantees that just like it took a vote to join Canada another vote can be done to exit confederation. A vote of 50% plus one is majority and that begins the separation process. We live in a democracy and neither a Prime Minister, the Premiers nor Junior can stop the process. It’s solely up to registered adult voters in the province of Alberta. This was pointed out via an email by a constitutional lawyer. Thanks Jon.

UN Charter

Alberta can go it alone. We don’t need Northern BC or the Territories, we don’t need Manitoba or Saskatchewan, but you are certainty welcome to join us. Like many readers pointed out, Alberta is currently a land locked province. We have no access to the coast and neither the Canadian government nor the BC government will give us access to the ocean under the current constitution. Under law as a province of Canada we have no legal right to ocean access. BUT, if Alberta became a country and under the UN charter, which Canada has signed, quoted directly from the charter, “sovereign nations are entitled to access to tidewater.” With Junior being Pro UN and massaging the worlds governing bodies, creepy, to get a seat on the security Council there is no way he wouldn’t grant Alberta access to the water under the UN charter. By law he can’t. If Alberta joined the UN and signed the charter as a sovereign nation we have the right to ocean access.  To cover his own behind he will not even attempt to have his vision of rainbows and sunny times be criticized on the world stage. In this situation our negotiation is no longer with BC, it’s with Canada. We no longer have to deal with anyone in BC. No tree huggers, no closet environmentalist and no more secretly funded lobby groups. They have no say. We can play by the rules but let’s tip the odds in our favor by using the same rules and government agencies that are currently being used to hinder us to help us.

Canada needs access to Canadian markets. More precisely Canada needs Asia to have access to Canada and that has to be from BC thru Alberta. Junior has guaranteed it in the Transpacific Trade Partnership. If Alberta was a country that access is thru a sovereign Alberta. Guess what? Access denied. Currently the railway and highways have federal authority for interprovincial trade; we can’t deny BC passage thru our province. Nutley put in an honest yet timid effort to try but I believe she personally ran out of wine and buckled rather abruptly. As a country the rules change. Now we got some skin on the table to hedge our bets in our favor in a negotiation for which piece of ocean front property we want undeniable access too.

Because pipelines are federally regulated, BC currently has recourse of action directly to the Canadian government and the courts if they are not happy with something Alberta or any other province is doing on their coastline. If Alberta was a sovereign nation, BC would have no government body to whine too. Except the UN or world court in The Hague. Certainly if AB chose to separate BC would see that they would lose control of a portion of their coast and have no access to Canadian markets for their wine or any other goods. The option to cooperate with Alberta now suddenly seems like a very viable choice. Their only choice. BC would never want to give up all control of our new sovereign coastal property. Their only choice would be to give us what we want within a unified and strong Canada.

We hold the hand to win. We just need the right strong willed gentlemen or lady sitting at the table that has no fear, will not blink and will impose our will on our neighbors because we have the winning hand.

Do we need to have a binding vote of separation? Not yet. Do we need to have the conversation to show our neighbors our hand. Absolutely. I would have a vote that is worded like this, “Should the Alberta government investigate options to leave confederation?” This wouldn’t bind us or commit us to anything but it would show the rest of Canada that we are serious nd strengthen our position at the table. “We don’t want to yet, but the people have spoken and we could leave.”

Good people deserve good things….. at the hands of leaders who are capable and willing of quietly shouldering the burdens of tough decisions and tough negotiations. The hard working family oriented people of Alberta deserve it.

To pay homage to our big brother to the south that showed us how to be the best in the world at oil and gas extraction. It’s time to play some “Texas” holdem, Alberta style and Junior we are not bluffing. Let’s have the plebiscite.

If you like this post, forward it and have the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Part II Alberta, is it time to consider life without Canada?

  1. The East has never respected the West from Manitoba to BC. The only thing they have done is tax us, make us pay equalization payments to Quebec that in reality is a have province.
    Keep in mind the Constitution was never signed by Quebec. This tells me that in reality that contract is vul & void. The only reason we pay money to quebec is to passifie a group that dislikes the west.
    That said if we seperate we will have 20 Billion dollars plus to distribute to ourselves. Things like medical, hospitals, colleges & universities (very little tuition) plus put scientific work back in universities. Be able to have better infrastructures. I am sure we will have our own military & police.
    First Nations should & will be equal in the new system Not separated as Ottawa has kept them. Remember Ottawa keeps every one fighting so they can do as they wish…
    If Manitoba joins we will have a second port for Grain, Oil & Gas, along with other products. Also with BC we can give every man & woman a one time say $3000.00 to run pipelines to the west coast.
    We pay the freight for every thing we ship East that is raw & pay the freight back west ie. cereal (quebec is the only province that can ship dairy anywhere.. & it goes on)
    We will end welfare as it is – If you are on welfare you will have to do some kind of work; pick up garbage, sweep street to mention a couple. Most people want to work but can’t because if you earn to much you are cut of or deducted, that people can’t live on. Thus they stay on the gravy train.
    Working families would be able have child care for say $7.00 a day, like Quebec (your money)
    Immigration, yes we want good people with trades or professionals. We can’t support people that have no education & only come to fill our hospitals & welfare. No one gets retirement pensions unless they have put money in for several years. People that want to bring relatives will be totally responsible for them… We will be better to send money to some counties to help them. Of coarse if groups want to sponsor people, They will be responsible for them. They have 3 years to learn English, No one gets citizenship without it… If they break the law with 10 years citizen or not they are kicked out of our new county..
    Some Things I Would Like To See
    Your home is you castle – robbery, home invasion, ect you shouldn’t be charged for murder on any thing else. Not to say it won’t checked by the police.
    Open or Concealed carry for guns. It is proven in the USA that there is less crime.
    Recall for politicians & or the government in charge.
    Any very large expenditures may have to have a referendum
    Any money spent by politicians to be scrutinized
    No exuberance pensions. No pension for one term. pension to start like everyone else at 65 years old.
    No vote for criminals; 3 strikes you stay in jail, Rape & petifiles automatic castration or death. When in jail criminals have to work (no work no food)
    Thank you for your time & attention, I will add to this a bit later.


    1. Thanks for reading my blog and I appreciate the feedback. You have a lot going on there Ken, some of which I can agree with as a conservative. I think it would be safe to say that you are a far right conservative and separatist? Here is why Alberta cant win with a far right platform. 15 % of the population is far left liberal, 15% is far right conservative and 70 % is in the middle. These people vote on the topics of the day, employment, immigration, pipelines and popularity. But they will never vote with the far right, they need a more moderate platform. History has proven it. Steven Harper and Preston Manning proved it. Even Nutley proved it by not being a full blown socialist. Close, but she had to get the middle of the road vote to win. They couldn’t win until they came closer to the middle and made compromises to win. its the nature of politics. I appreciate the comment, keep up the great work and keep forging forward. We will win.


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