Alberta, What can we do NOW!

Nutley has done nothing!!! She put in an weak and timid effort to stop the flow of BC wine, but I believe she personally ran out of her favorite red and buckled rather abruptly. If she remains scared, timid and shy nothing will happen. Challenging times need a strong steady hand that isn’t afraid to make a tough decision. When people are in need you stand up, grab everyone by the hand, kick some butt and say, “this way, lets go!” You lay out the path, you inspire people and then you lead them to completion of the task.  She doesn’t have it unfortunately. She must see the polls and know that she is a one trick horse on her way out. I think after a few years they are still being giddy and still can’t believe they won. Her politically adviser must be a complete moron. Here you are with the possibility of securing a second term as an NDP government in the most conservative part of Canada. Hands down. If you know that your going to lose, to of all people Junior Kenny, I wouldn’t hesitate in burning a few bridges with Ottawa and young Junior T on the way out. I would blow the SOB’s up to be honest.

When I played hockey, I liked to scrap. I liked to really get at ‘er. I never played fair and I always stacked the deck in my odds to win. I prepared. I studied the other guy. When I knew it was going to happen, I rolled up my jersey sleeves, I loosened my elbow pads, I tightened my helmet, I got my mind ready, I remembered to breath, and I controlled my heart rate. I planned and once the gloves came off I didn’t fight fair. Alberta the gloves have come off. Let’s get at ‘er. Are you with me?

Rachel put down the bottle of Okanagan red open your ears, sit up straight, pay attention and listen up. You get all of that or do I need to say it again? Here is the list of what you should do immediately.

Let’s work on a plan to choke off these transfer payments. Here’s the plan. Pay attention.


Notify Junior that Alberta will not be renewing the services of the RCMP once the current contract expires. Move forward with a provincial police force now This will lower our transfer payments and the cost of upkeep for the RCMP in Alberta. The infrastructure and people are already in place. Offer the current members jobs with the new police force, play mean, select and give the good ones a pay increase to keep them, send the useless ones to Quebec. Ontario and Quebec currently have provincial police forces, that Alberta pays for, its time for Alberta to have one that we pay for. One that works for us. This will obviously happen in separation, being a few steps ahead and not having to worry about policing and security is great planning for when we do decide to leave. Our police force would already be on Alberta pay role and in place. The precedent has been set already on this in Ontario and Quebec and policing is well within our rights as a province within confederation.

Provincial Income tax.

Start doing it ourselves. Collect our own personal Alberta income tax. The same program that Quebec has challenged the federal government on.  I never thought I would say it but do what the French do. This money currently goes into federal coffers and counts towards our transfer payments to Ottawa as a credit. Take control of it and then lower it temporarily to zero personal income tax in Alberta. This will dramatically lower our transfer payments. It will attract people to move here, live here and work here. It would immediately bump a stagnant provincial economy and out dollars in Albertan’s pockets. We can start by working with Quebec to continue challenging the federal government on this. Or you get some testicular fortitude, go in the legislature and pass a bill forcing all Alberta business to do it now. This would obviously lead Junior to bring us to court. But it seems like everyone is challenging us in court why not really rock the boat.

Canadian Pension Plan. 

Inform young Junior that Alberta is leaving the CPP immediately.  The precedent for this has also been set in Quebec where workers contribute to the QPP and not the CPP. Take the money and invest it properly into an Alberta plan that will leave something for our workers and for our future.

Canadian Flag

Lower all Canadian flags in Alberta until further notice. Danny Williams did it and it took Steven Harper 3 days to settle Newfoundland’s claim to offshore oil royalty’s. This gains international news media attention. The embarrassment of the death of the perceived “sunny times” in Canada would cause young Junior to buckle like a Q Tip hitting the cement inside Catherine McKenna’s thinker.

Oil Royalty’s

Open the current package and revisit it. Temporally put them to zero or low enough that we break even. What we get from oil and gas royalty’s is enough to run the province but not one dime more. This will eliminate ALL transfer payments and if we wanted to be real mean we would become a have not province on paper and reverse the money pipeline to Ottawa. Give Junior a call and say hey numbnuts give us our cheque.  This will immediately stimulate the economy. Bring investment and ease the pain of 10 dollar a barrel oil. Oil and gas companies would drill!

Corporate Income Tax

Go to zero or dramatically lower it. Currently corporate income tax in Alberta is 12%. The money that is generated goes toward the calculation for equalization payments. Why not lower it and keep the money in Alberta? This would enable companies to reinvest in their employees, infrastructure and equipment.

I know that some of this stuff is extreme. But tough times call for tough decisions. These measures other than the RCMP and CPP would be temporary to get the governments attention and to force Juniors hand.  Quebec is a have not province on paper. They have 22% of the population of Canada and only 19% of the GDP. Quebec does have a lot of industry. Hydro electricity, logging, ST Lawrence seaway and mining. They sell electricity to the state of New York for a pretty penny and do well financially. Are they doing something that we are not doing? Do we need to revisit our accounting procedures?

Somewhere in Alberta there is a smart Certified Professional Accountant that can figure this out. Let’s find him and her and put them all to work!!!!

If you like this post forward to your friends and like-minded individuals. Have the conversation. If you don’t like it send it to a Frenchmen.

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