The Situation Does Not Look Good! A letter to Political Leaders.

I know that this post was to be about Nutley’s legacy, but I concluded that it would be a short and uneventful narrative. So, I decided to pivot and pen a letter to all the leaders of political parties in Alberta to get their views on pointed questions. The issues that have everyone’s attention and blew the bejesus out of my phone with your notifications. I am curious to see if we will get a response. The incredible number of people that are following my posts and my blog have enabled me to have a stronger voice. A bigger group enables me to swing a bigger stick and I got no problem making contact on my swings.  Together, we will see where it goes. To ignore us would be a massive fail on the politician’s part. I will post the letter on my blog and I will also post any responses. I am going to put point blank questions to politicians, keep them honest and call them out on BS. They work for us and should be put on the spot and reminded of that occasionally.

Thanks for reading and thanks for following.

First on the hot stove, Mr. Jason Kenny.

Click the link below for the letter.

A Letter to Jason Kenney



13 thoughts on “The Situation Does Not Look Good! A letter to Political Leaders.

  1. Excellent! This is the type of thinking that is needed where the opposition parties are not allowed to get a free ride into office just because the voters are angry with the ruling party. Jason Kenny has been invisible while Albertans lose their livelihood , and the silence from all Albertan politicians, both federal and provincial has been deafening. I am amazed that a community of elitest flakes like Whistler can arrogantly ask Albertans to give Whistler money to help fight the effects of climate change, and not see any sign of outrage from any Albertan politicians. Albertans have a right to feel outrage, but I think it should start with the herd of political bovines that graze contentidly while waiting for power to fall into their laps.


  2. I agree with Mark Ambrose. Like your post on Linked In, the points you have outlined are systematic and thoughtful. Interesting to see how the provincial politicians will respond to this. Perhaps it is time to start a provincial political party, or take one over.


    1. Will you send the letter to Derek Fildebrant – Freedom Conservative Party? I am a member of this party and like what I am hearing from Derek, maybe worth a shot.


      1. Glad to hear from you Frank, it is a concern that there are not more people reading and commenting on this site, but I believe that many are just so beat down by trying and failing to make a difference that they have a natural cynicism when it comes to political activism. The main thing with all who desire to make a change in politics is to keep the conversation going. Ambrose has done everyone a huge favor by creating a platform for dialogue where fresh ideas can give everyone a place to gather and bounce ideas off of eavh other. It also gives us a platform to give direction on where to go to move ahead. I will check out Derek Fildebrant, but I would like to hear from others who want to move ahead. Please spread the word that this is a good site to keep the conversation going.


      2. I think that the vast majority of Albertan’s are oblivious to the situation. Most don’t care as long as nothing directly effects them on their morning and evening commute and their day goes smooth. I also suspect that people may think that I get a kickback for every click on my page. I don’t, its easy to tell a paying blog by the amount of advertisements on it. There are no ads on this page and its funded on my dime. Articles on LinkedIn blow up with thousands of comments, here not so much. Although the viewing traffic is there.


  3. I just finished looking at Derek Fildebrant’s new party and I am afraid that I was left less than enthused. Every where I clicked on the site led me to a place where I could buy a membership. The policies where lukewarm compared to what I’ve seen on Ambrose’s site, and I did not see the interaction between supporters that is vital to political dialogue. I would suggest that Derek needs to put some muscle on the bones of his new party in order to succeed, and with Albertans ready for action this is the time for any politician who wants to be a political mover in Alberta to step up to the plate. You can’t depend on voter frustration to propel you to power anymore, hello Jason Kenny, you need to earn your political spurs. Alberta is still the home of real cowboys.


    1. Mr. Fildebrant is currently an elected member of the Alberta Legislature and sits as an independent. Looks like he will win another term. For all intensive purposes he doesn’t need a strong platform because the seat is his to lose. Don’t rock the boat and don’t make waves so to speak. The same with Jason Kenney. Although I did get a reply back from his office today that my letter was forwarded to him, I hardly expect him to take any position on any of the questions that I presented to him. Answer or not I will hold him accountable.


      1. Good for you Ambrose. I am afraid that I don’t see a lot of depth of character in Alberta’s current collection of politicians. A lot of content political bovines, when you need political wolves.


      2. Whether a politician is career or just trying to vie for an elected position, they will do what they can to not rock the proverbial boat as it were. That said, as the saying goes, “no army can stop and idea whose time has come.”, holds very true for your/our views Ambrose. I will pass this blog on to other like minded Albertans and see how far your the message can travel.


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