Jason Kenney’s Reply?

When I took the time to sit down and write a letter to Mr. Kenney I thought one of two things will happen. One, I would be completely ignored. A very legitimate possibility. After all I am only one person, one vote, one adult tax payer in the whole province of Alberta, in an electoral district heavy involved in Oil and Gas that is almost guaranteed to vote UPC in the next election. The second possibility I considered was I would get a reply from a low-level staffer or campaign office that would attempt to sooth my anger at our current situation, place blame and not offer any real answers, solutions or information. In both situations I would be completely blown off. One politely and the other rudely. You can draw your own conclusions from the response below.

A Letter to Jason Kenney

Jason Kennys Reply

—– Original Message —–
From: “UCPCaucusOffice” <UCPCaucusOffice@assembly.ab.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 11:43:07 AM
Subject: RE: Letter to Mr Kenney

Dear Ambrose Ralph,

Thank you for your email and for sharing your thought. We have heard again and again from Albertans who have been hurt economically, and are struggling to get by. Many of these problems can be traced to the NDP’s disastrous policies that they have implemented since they formed government.

Should Mr. Kenney be elected premier after the next election, he plans to restore the Alberta Advantage and get Alberta working again.

Unfortunately, regarding the specific questions you asked in your letter, we do not have detailed policies in those areas. We are still in the process of developing our platform while consulting with Albertans. We will have more information on our specific plans for Alberta when the UCP releases their platform next year.

Best regards,

Office of Hon Jason Kenney PC MLA
Leader, Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 9:58 AM
To: Calgary Lougheed <Calgary.Lougheed@assembly.ab.ca>; info@unitedconservative.ca
Subject: Letter to Mr Kenney

Mr Kenney,
Please see attached. We await your reply.






I would conclude that one voter was politely and rudely ignored all at once. But I am not just one vote. I am absolutely amazed at the people following my blog and viewing my LinkedIn articles and profile. Together we are many voices and many votes. I will give Kenney some leeway and say that he is going into an election cycle and that releasing his view on policy and a platform at this point may not be a wise political move, due to the ruling party having the ability to counter his goals. I would want to create momentum going into an election and release my platform at my election kick off news conference with lots of glitz and glamour. I was very anger at the response. Dam well pissed off to be honest. I was lied too. The Alberta voters were lied too in that letter. I can’t go as far as to call a politician a liar because that response was from a low lever staffer. Are you telling me that Jason Kenney, a career politician, going into the biggest election of his life, in less than 5 months does not have a platform or hasn’t had a policy meeting with his caucus? What in the hell has he been doing for the past 4 years as leader of OUR opposition? A election could be a called any day and voted on within 30 days, are you telling me that he will work on his platform once the election is called?  I want people to be truthful. Say that you have a platform and you will release it when an election date is set. An easy simple and honest answer. Now Jason Kenney did not lie to me but one of his staffers certainly did. A person that didn’t even have the courage to attach their name to the email. I questioned an elected politician that is being payed by our tax dollars and I got blown off and lied to by a staffer.  The buck always stops at the boss. The leader is accountable for the actions of the people that report to him or her. So, while Kenney did not lie to me directly he has certainly created a political culture where lying comes easy, even from his staff.

The polls show that the UPC is currently the front runner to form the government. So, I guess Kenney doesn’t need to say or do anything to rock the boat or create controversy around himself or his party. Including answering my letter. He’s a shoe in? The NDP are most certainly on their way out. But do I dare to say, “are they?” Nutley has said she is not in it to lose. And I am a firm believer that Junior (true-doe) wakes up at night with tremors, screaming for his favorite stuffed toy thinking that a Conservative government with heavy ties to his arch rival Steven Harper may be elected in the largest revenue generating province of Canada. A province that is experiencing a revival of the separation movement. While I do think that he is an idiot with zero leadership ability, he has, or someone around him has, surrounded and insulated him with old school Liberal Jean Chretien era politicians and advisers that know the score and how to play the game. The guys that didn’t want to go to India but should have. To calm things down in Alberta all Junior would have to do is approve the Trans mountain Pipeline. Its in the courts and could make it thru just in time for the Alberta election. Well within his power to approve the line, and while I may be overly complimentary,…. ability. If Junior wanted to really go over the edge for Nutley he would let her rattle a sable for a few months create a situation where he was perceived to be more of the enemy than he already is, and Nutley proves to be the heroine that saves Alberta. Boom the separation movement dies and Nutley is on her way. An NDP government in Alberta would be much easier to deal with than Steven Harper’s conservatives. The news reels will tell this tale and give hints in the coming weeks and months.  Pay attention to the flow of news. I called it.

This is Jason Kenney’s election to lose. Jason don’t be a loser and get your house in order, starting with your staffers.

Next up we will take a turn towards the new Alberta Independence Party and Dave Bjorkman.

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7 thoughts on “Jason Kenney’s Reply?

  1. Thank you for the read and I look forward to any questions you have, please not – often I am away from social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter find me almost always.


    Dave Bjorkman Interim Leader of the Alberta Independence Party


  2. Good analysis on 2.0 and Notley. I have for some time asked myself why Trudeau would want to deal with Jason Kenney knowing the pure vitriol that Kenney has toward Trudeau. Notley was Trudeau’s charm in Alberta. Good relations with the PM, Carbon Tax, no talk of transfers payments, conservatives contained and the like.

    Your analysis Ambrose is very telling and I believe very plausible. I too agree we must watch media over the next few weeks to see how this plays out, would not be surprised if Trans-Mountain is given the blessing by his highness a few weeks before out election.


  3. Gee as an American I see that the Liberals in Canada are no more intelligent than the liberals here in the US. Industry only exists so the government can tax it. And that tax money needs to go towards their drive to get re elected. Canadians need to have a “tax revolt” election like we here in the US have every once and a while where we voters put our foot down and tell those bastards that if they keep raising taxes, they will be out of a job. We in the US did that in 1994, 2010, and to some extent in 2016 by electing Trump. Interested to see if you Canadians can do the same thing. One former Canadian in the oil and gas business moved to Houston and became a US citizen to avoid the 65% marginal tax rate he had to pay in Canada (and the cold weather). How do you guys tolerate tax rates like that?


    1. Thanks for reading Lewis. Both of our countries are so intertwined that its sometimes important to pay attention to the others politics. Given Alberta’s values and history I sometimes feel that we are closer to Texas than with the rest of Canada. I was fortunate to serve with many Americans, while in the military and met some good friends. The 65% taxes is a bit of a BS statement from the former Canadian. I think he bull shits a lot so we kicked him out lol. While Canada does pay much higher taxes than the US its about 30- 35 percent I estimate. Highest taxes in the western hemisphere are in Scandinavian countries. Sweden, Finland and Denmark are in the 60+%. I do believe you have a Vermont senator, that has based his platform on such countries. One of the reasons Canadian taxes are so high is that we have the worlds largest country in land mass but a very small population in only 36 million compared to your 325 million. To administer such a large area and to provide the serves of a 1st world democracy costs money and with a low population we have to pay more. Trump is in tough. Good luck on the wall, to me its a easy choice and I cant understand having a porous border.


  4. Happy holidays Ambrose. I have some thoughts on Jason Kenny and his non reply to your letter that I would like to share. On my long and torturous journey to complete cynicism toward all politicians and members of the media, I had to overcome one serious obstacle, the desire to believe that there was some shreads of integrity left in the system. I would take the most palatable of personalities, both political and media, and I found myself making excuses for them rather than face the fact that they were all the same. Although I have never met you, I get the impression that you are a gentleman of deep conviction and solid character. I also believe that, like many, you really want to believe that Jason Kenny is the answer to Alberta’s prayers. I am afraid that I don’t have the same faith in Jason Kenny and I just see him as another cookie cutter politician who is as shallow as the rest. As Alberta’s truckers are trying to fight for Alberta’s future, politicians like Jason Kenny are sitting back waiting for power to fall into their laps. Keep up the Sterling work of keeping the conversation going.


    1. Thanks Mark, very well said. I tend to agree, Kenney is trying not to say or do anything wrong that would cause him to lose but in the process he hasn’t shown any any real leadership. With your choice of words and political thinking you could easily add a few paragraphs onto your comment and be my first guess post?


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