Canada, Lets Talk Pipelines and Western Separation.

One thought on “Canada, Lets Talk Pipelines and Western Separation.

  1. Thank you for being brave enough to speak up! I agree with your points. My position is …..Canada, BC in particular, should see this as an opportunity. I think we could use some of that 80million…a day…and invest in being a global leader in responsible oil transport, state of the art technology, and environmental protection. Instead of shipping the risk to another country. BC’s “not in my backyard” stance is hypocritical as long as they enjoy the conveniences of the petroleum industry. Marine life is being affected globally. We have the education and environmental philosophy to make a difference to this industry globally. We get ocean pollution from every country not just our local harbours. Marine life is affected by China, Mexico, United States, etc. Want to keep our waters pristine and our wildlife healthy. Creat technology that all countries can adopt. Oils revenues can fund alternate energy technology. Diversify our economy. This is an opportunity for Canada to step up. Invest the revenues to show the world how it should be done!


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