To The Point. A Quick Note.

Hello Canada, Alberta To The Point here. I wanted to drop a quick note and let everyone know I am still here. When I started my blog and now Facebook page my intention was to do a weekly post. I have other revealing and disturbing material prepared. But the video “Canada, Lets Talk Pipelines and Western Separation” is doing so well in delivering our message that I thought I would wait a few more days. I don’t want to post another video and take away from the message of the first one. It is still trending at an average of  10- 15 views per minute and is inching up toward 150,000+ views as of Jan 15th . Its touched every part of Canada.

Thank you all for watching and sharing. I am very modest and truthfully a bit embarrassed by your messages of support and compliments. Thank you. I wanted to share one message that is very touching and accurately describes Alberta character, work ethic and the opportunities for all Canadians.

As quoted from a video share. “I was born in Ontario and moved to Alberta 7 years ago looking for work and found it. Since living here I have built a home, made a family and made a career in Oil and Gas. The reason I am making this post is to give a view that I don’t think my eastern family and friends get to see. Please share this video and share it again…. and again.

What do we do now? What are the next steps for Alberta To The Point?

I will continue to push information and share the facts if I have an audience. I need your help to assist me in putting the facts out there. My next video will expose how hypocritical the mecca for Canadian environmental and anti-pipeline movement in Vancouver really is. Carbon tax and how pro green house gas Trudeau and the government of BC are. This will all be the focus. It will be a good one.

Take this gentlemen’s advice and share, share and re-share the information on social media. Have the private conversations with your family’s, spouses, expand the conversation to your friends. It’s a grass roots movement, I can lead it but its up to the people to get involved and to grow the movement. We can build a strong foundation, a strong base and continue to push our message of truth across this country.

The federal election is won and lost before the sun sets on the Prairies. Its won and lost in Ontario and Quebec. Our western votes don’t seem to matter, but we sure as hell can make them aware of the consequences of theirs.

There is a lot at stake.

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Alberta To The Point



Alberta To The Point.


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