Notes on My Take.

Hello Friends,

Just a few notes on my take. I would say that the biggest compliment in the world is being copied and duplicated. I have noted in the past week that newspapers, politicians, political Facebook pages, public figures and TV commercials have said a few things from my videos and written articles. I even heard that a person asked a question at a Jason Kenney town hall meeting that was a quote directly from my video about the plebiscite. The Calgary Herald published a piece on Feb 2nd one day after I posted my video that was remarkably similar. I am not in this for the fame or glory, I was very happy in my quiet, boring and routine of a life. But its very gratifying to see that WE are making an impact.  To be honest, other than the time to do a bit of research, its quite easy for me to write these articles. What takes courage is for you people, the readers and the watchers to share the articles, to stand up, have an opinion, say to your friends, family’s and neighbors that this is who I am. I care about Alberta! This is my political position and here is why.  That my friend’s take’s courage.  We are building a foundation that will only get bigger. First when I started this page, I had a guy message me laughing saying that I was an idiot with only 20 followers. He said that we were going no where and that I should join his movement. What a way to invite someone to join them right? A few days later we had 30 followers and he laughed at me again. My reply was “oh yeah, watch this!” Three videos later and a total of almost 700,000 views and moving up to 5000 followers, here we are. I haven’t heard back from that gentlemen. I wish him well and some manners. To get updates and see more content please like the page of follow the page and SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! With the hashtag #Canadaispushingusout. I would like to see how far we can push that hashtag, Canada Is Pushing Us Out! If you share ATTP material, please include that hashtag.


Other Notable Points

  1. If you are a politician and you are in front of the public, answering questions, and you roll up your sleeves making it seem like you are ready to go to work and trying to convince the public that you are going to work for Alberta or Canada. You look like an idiot. Don’t roll up your sleeves. Albertan’s don’t roll up their sleeves. We don’t need to convince anyone of our work ethic.
  2. If you are the same  politician and you are in front of the public, answering questions, and you undo the top button of your shirt but still keep your tie on, trying to look professional yet casual, trying to convince the public that you are relaxed, casual and one of them, if you don’t have a glass of wine in your hand (Not BC wine)  once again you look like an idiot.


Be careful of people undoing the top button and rolling up their sleeves. They tend to lie.


Thank you Alberta.

As always, be nice.


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