Energy East

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Energy East

Writing about Canada’s eastern energy is a big undertaking. Too much information for one video or blog entry. ATTP’s take on the Energy East pipeline and Canada’s eastern energy strategy will be a three-part video series. The videos will be as follows;

Video 1  

Canada, Lets Talk Quebec.

A discussion about Quebec, pipelines and Energy East. We will hold nothing back on telling our French-Canadian neighbors how we feel. It will be TO THE POINT.

Video 2

Canada, Where Does Our Gasoline Come From?

A look at all provinces individually from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic. When Canadians fuel up, we never consider where that gasoline came from. Should we care? A discussion about the proposed Energy East pipeline focusing on why it will NEVER be built and why Quebec is rejecting it. I will tell the truth about Energy East, Eastern refineries and offer an alternative plan.

Video 3

Canada, Let’s talk Irving Oil.

Very few Canadians outside of the Maritime provinces know who the Irving brothers are. They are Eastern Canada’s multi billion-dollar oil family. They are powerhouse Oilmen. How did they do it and why are they against Energy East and resisting Alberta Oil?


Video 1 Canada, Lets Talk Quebec will be posted on Friday February 15 at 7 pm in Alberta.
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