United We Roll Alberta!


Hello Friends,

I would like to give a special shout out to the ladies and gentlemen in the UNITED WE ROLL convoy and I believe one young daughter travelling with her father. What an education to travel with a parent and to see democracy in action. Not something that can be seen, heard or felt in classroom.  Well Done! I am not surprised at the lack of main stream media the convoy is getting. On national news it really is a footnote. On one station it was more of a traffic report. Yeah there are going to be some big trucks rolling down the highway with burly big men that look like they work for a living today, so plan your drive to work accordingly.  On another station it was a last place news story, an oh by the way, before we forget, there is something going on in Ottawa today with trucks. A flashing highway sign read, Truck Convoy Expect Delays. It should have read, Thank You Alberta, We support you. Or maybe “Great Job You Awesome, Crazy SOB’s. We Support you”. No, the convoy was a traffic report. An inconvenience for people going to work. Albertan’s are happy that you have jobs.

I am not surprised by the lack of media coverage and the poor reception in parts of Ontario, Alberta is starting to realize where we stand with Canada. Truth is, Alberta will take the high ground and do everything in its power to try and save confederation, to try and influence change. If that fails, we know we can stay with certainty that we tried. Only then is our choice obvious, Alberta isn’t leaving because Canada is pushing us out.

Since I have taken up this battle everyone has told me be ready for the media, they are coming.  Friends, family, politicians and public figures have all told me the media is coming. My simple reply has always been, no they are not. They haven’t. The media isn’t ready for the truth. It doesn’t get ratings. Lies and controversy get ratings. The news is driven by ratings, which mean profits. The truth doesn’t drive profits. Although Canadian news isn’t as bad as the US media, we are certainly trending that way. To watch any Canadian news station now you are slowly seeing the “split screen” coverage. With so called experts on the TV spewing out their opinion. Opinions are not news. Opinions are like blank, everyone has one.   On this FB page we like creditable facts, the truth and that my friends are not popular and isn’t tv worthy.  Even the internet trolls don’t step onto our page. There is nothing to argue about or cause division with. The truth only attracts good people and I like to surround myself with good people.

The one thing that is awesome about the convoy is the amount of support that they are getting along the way from every day Canadians in every city and small town. People are not idiots, people know the score and what’s going on in this province and country. People will no longer be quiet. The people have the power and the people are speaking. In a third world country or a dictatorship the first thing suppressed and controlled by the country is wifi and cell phone coverage. Yes, the 3rd world have cell phones, some better than what we have. There was never infrastructure for landlines, so when cells came out, you put up a few towers and you are good to go. Anyway, they all suppress and control the internet. True news, real news, minute by minute, uncensored with no split screen opinions can spread like wildfire and cause incredible problems for dictatorships in foreign countries trying to control the people.

I do not recall in my lifetime a protest of this magnitude in Canada. One in which a group of people traveled across the country, one group from the east and one from the west to meet up on Parliament Hill at the place of the country’s government. Canadians are passive people, we are not protesters, we don’t get mad, until now.

In Canada the truth is being shared by real people instantly every day. Knowledge and the truth are power. The word is spreading. Internet sites such as Alberta To The Point are gaining credibility and trust by telling the truth.

Great work! Keep it going. We will never fail, never falter.  United We Role Alberta.


Have a great day and as always, be nice.


2 thoughts on “United We Roll Alberta!

  1. Well said Ambrose. The media in Canada is morphing into an infomercial much like the US as you already pointed out. The plight of our province is seen as nothing more than a nuisance by the establishment in the Ottawa-Montreal-Toronto golden triangle of Canada. Let us face it, as long a Alberta is an ATM machine for the golden triangle, they could not care less about the realities that their destructive polices, and lack of foresight have caused. I have told me friends and family that I personally will wait and see what happens in the next Federal Election. If Mr. Trudeau is elected to a second term, my mission in life will be to see Alberta leave confederation


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