A Few Thoughts.

Alberta, here we are into an election cycle and the mud slinging has started. A literal real life he said, and she said. I honestly can’t watch. Where is the truth, integrity and honesty? Notley can’t possibly be serious about campaigning on her record and Jason Kenney can’t possibly be trying to pass himself off as an honest guy after 31 years in politics? Notley would get more respect and votes if she stood in front of the camera and said, we sure messed that up, but I have a plan to fix it and here it is. Frustrating to look at two losers and try to pick the lesser of both evils. The NDP experiment has been a complete disaster. Notley failed at her opportunity to do great things in Alberta so now its Kenney’s turn.  Back to the old school and old boys club that the Wild Rose Party worked so hard to get rid off.  Unless a better option emerges or something unexpected happens, I will vote JK with the hope that all my instincts, logic and better judgement is completely wrong.  With that said I am working on a video using the same template as the “Trudeau, A Bad Leader,” for a look at Jason Kenney’s record, leadership and involvement in politics for the past 31 years. There are some interesting things to be told about this gentleman. Release time will be announced later.


I never thought that thrusting myself head first into political activism and dealing with so many people of questionable character, trolls and misinformed environmentalists would be so healthy for me……….Every time one of them attacks my loyalty, Integrity and honestly, I go to the gym to relax. I have been going to the gym a lot!!! It used to be a shot of a good Alberta rye every time Trudeau said or did something silly, but that got too expensive. I don’t rack back pipe or throw slips anymore, so I must go to the gym. Experienced seasoned politicians have told me that if you are planning to enter politics its a dirty world and you better have big shoulders. I took that to mean literally and figuratively. Besides, a weakling isn’t very good at planting boots in butts. Like you, I feel our government needs a kick in the behind.


A heartfelt massive thank you to our 5422+ new friends that have chosen to push the message on our web page Yes, its our page.  A friend asked me what my goal is for followers, I jokingly said 100,000 and I will enter politics, he has since been hard at work talking to Albertan’s. The followers of the page say stuff and challenge the misinformed haters when I just can’t, thank you. Continue to push the message and the talking points from the videos. The truth will prevail. Be professional and be nice. You are standing up for the greatest oil and gas workers in the world. Take the high ground and its one person at a time my friends. One at a time.


There may be a new Premier in a few weeks but Alberta To The Point will continue to push the truth, hold people accountable, and build a brand based on the principles of leadership well beyond this election.


Thank you. As always be nice.





One thought on “A Few Thoughts.

  1. Hi Ambrose,

    Your comments and assessment are spot on. I have elected to join the Freedom Conservative Party, notwithstanding the past issues around its leader, the banner or Alberta equal or independent resonates with me. 2019 will a pivotal year for not just Alberta, but Canada as a whole. The October 2019 election will, in my opinion, determine the viability of the country we call Canada. I am fully aware of the issues the Conservatives have, however I am also aware as to where the Liberals are leading us. For now I will hold my opinion and actions. If the outcome of the election in October is not favorable then I would suggest that we Albertans need to move forward with other arrangements.

    Best Regards

    Frank Koeksal


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