Alberta Independence Party

Alberta Independence Party
As I research the multiple politic parties for my next video I can’t help but to find myself mildly admiring the progress of the Alberta Independence Party. They do have some great people over there, some of whom have joined this page. I am still not voting for them, no candidate in my riding. I don’t agree with many of their policy’s and I am not about to let Alberta become a country at the hands of a bunch of rookies. However, to go from an idea to now a political party running candidates in 50 plus riding’s is something that has earned notable mention. They still have a long way to go and work to do in order to earn the trust and votes of Albertan’s, but the progress deserves mention. I would like to see them pool their resources and put in a massive push in one or two riding’s where they have the best chances to elect a member as we race to the finish line in AB Election 2019. To get one member into the house would be a great accomplishment. Earning party respect and national attention for Alberta. Having a score of zero on election night would give your haters a “I told you so” and put you back to square one. To get one win, to build a foundation would put pressure on the federal government to act on Alberta. Well done so far AIP, now go for A Win. Rome wasn’t built in a day, Alberta has been a part of Canada for almost 114 years, exit will not come with one 28-day election. To build something great and strong the foundation must be built first. In many cases the people building the foundation are not the same people building the house. The torch is frequently passed. I leave you with a line from the worlds most famous poem.
…… Take up the quarrel with the foe: to you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high……….

Go for A Win AIP.
Good Luck and as Always, Be Nice.

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