Freedom Conservative Party

Freedom Conservative Party

The strategic use of the names freedom and conservative is very appealing. I swore on the bible to defend freedom and being a strong Conservative man by nature, experiences and upbringing the party seemed very inviting and welcoming. The first alarm bell was everywhere I clicked on their web page I was smothered with a ” click to donate window.” The platform is great, a soft separation. Demand to Ottawa that Alberta get a better deal and use our economic clout to get it done or Alberta will separate. That seems exactly like my video “The Alberta Plan”. Posted long before the FCP announced their election platform. Thanks for watching FCP. There is uncertainty or inaccurate information on how many candidates the FCP is running. On Elections AB web page there are 11 listed although I hear today on the radio that they have dropped two candidates due to Islamophobia posts. How can you miss that tendency in a job interview? On the FCP page they have 20 + listed. With less than 17 days to the election, its obvious they don’t have it together. Inexperienced group with a rush to get names on the ballet is causing a panic and poor judgement. FCP is a conservative values party that has no mathematical ability to defeat Notley and I feel is a hinderance to all true blooded conservatives who have made it their mission to extradite the NDP from Alberta government. Followers not true leaders, its time to eliminate the fringe splinter conservative parties that have no purpose or goal other than to re-elect the NDP by splitting the vote. With us or against us, when using OUR tax dollars FCP, Albertan’s will remember. Do the right thing, fold and throw your support behind a team that has an opportunity to defeat the NDP.

Its a common fact that foreign money has been pouring into groups with hidden agendas in Alberta to prevent pipelines. To keep Alberta oil landlocked. Is it possible that these same groups are covertly backing and promoting newly formed conservative parties to split the vote giving Notley the advantage, again? This could be happening even without the knowledge of the party leader. Would the NDP covertly put in another party to pass as conservative to split the vote and give themselves the advantage?

The FCP is not a legitimate contender. It doesn’t even matter if they had the best leader or the best platform when only running in 11??? ridings. They have no mathematical chance to defeat the NDP. A vote for the Freedom Conservative Party is a deliberate split vote and gives the advantage to Notley.

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend. Be strong Alberta, we will get thru this together.

As Always, Be Nice.

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