Social Media Announcement.

Social Media Announcement.

In an effort to share your message, to expand our followers, expand our social media footprint and prepare for Alberta’s future we are pleased to announce an Alberta To The Point twitter account and youtube channel.

Follow us on twitter
#Truth #Honour #Integrity

Join us on Youtube at
Alberta To The Point
Our Original video with almost a million facebook views is on our YouTube page at

ATTP Video #1

Our ATTP Facebook page, twitter account, youtube channel and my personal blog will all share the same information but expand our methods to reach and engage with all Albertan’s working towards the next election in 2023 or earlier.

The day I decided that I had enough of bringing good Albertan men and women into my office to terminate their jobs, I jumped straight into public life, I was honestly scared. I left a quiet drama free life to expose myself to the harsh public criticism, hostility and dirty tricks of politics. I was reluctant to give up my privacy. I have no doubt that as we gain momentum people will try to “dig up dirt” on me, but be assured I will hold true to Alberta, her people and my values. Truth. Honour. Integrity. My passion for Alberta and her people far out weight my personal sacrifice. The energy and support of the Larry’s, Mike’s, Courtney’s, Natalie’s, Nancy’s, Todd’s, Dru’s, Heather’s Lorraine’s, Sherry’s, Elaine’s, Shelia’s Dave’s, Bill’s, Steve’s, Louise’s, Terry’s, Sandra’s, Carol’s, Peter’s and the thousands of others, just too many to mention, are appreciated beyond words. I am truly humbled beyond explanation. This is your movement, I am just one humbled man and one voice.

Thank you Alberta. Thank you to all my new friends with shared Alberta passion, vision and values. As I earn your trust, one day it will be an honour to meet you and shake your hands.

Push the message. We will no longer be silent to career politicians. Prepare beyond AB 2019. Take the moral high ground, be true to yourself, be strong and please share.

As Always, Be Nice.

Pleasure to meet you.

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