New Video Announcement

New Video Announcement

The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend.

I have gotten roasted by some loyal followers over my posts and opinions on the endless amount of conservative political parties running in AB 2019. Its ok, I have big shoulders, I can take your constructive criticism on the AIP’S, AP’S, AAP’S, UCP’S and the seemingly endless other political parties. This page was developed so that conservatives could come together, unite and share ideas in a respectful and open forum. You will never be banned for constructively criticizing me. I am not politically minded. I will not dance around the issues and sugar coat the situation, nor will I lie to get followers. This is the real deal. Its To The Point. No holds barred. I have obviously been reviewing all of the political parties as a lead up to my UCP video and my review of Jason Kenney. I feel that given our efforts to end the vote splitting, it’s fittingly titled ” The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend”. It will not be an endorsement of JK but will contain a dose of reality for conservatives.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend is an ancient proverb which suggests that opposing parties can or should work together against a common enemy.
There are as many as 7 conservative partys in AB 2019 but we all have a common enemy. The NDP.

World history is splattered with examples.
In pre WW II Europe, tensions were common between Britain, US, Canada and the Soviet Union. Despite their inherent differences, they recognized a need to work together to meet the threat of the Nazi party. The rest of WWII and the cold war is history.

The United States and Canada supported the Afghan Mujahideen after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the hopes of thwarting the spread of Communism. It worked but the Mujahideen was the precursor to the Tailban that Canada shed blood fighting years later.

United States and Canada backed the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein during the Iran–Iraq War. Canada worked to smuggle weapons into Iraq and Americans out of Iran. Canada would later be involved in both Iraqi wars to displace the Saddam military that we helped build.

These are all obviously extreme documented examples in history of “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend.” Could we all agree that Notley and the NDP is our enemy? But who could be our friend? At least a friend for now.

The video “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”, where I will disclose who I will vote for and why will be posted on Sunday April 7 at 7 am mst.

I hope you enjoy it.
Have a Great Day and as always,
Be Nice.

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