Alberta Wins!!

Alberta Wins!!

It took just minutes and Alberta Wins was declared. I feel AB Wins is a suitable title to this post. All of Canada was watching, the world was watching and Alberta sent a strong decisive message. The NDP socialist experiment was a failure and they have now been evicted, never again! We have a conservative government back in its rightful place Alberta. In the history of the world no socialist government has ever been successful. Alberta wins, everyone wins, with one of the largest voter turn outs in the 114-year history of this great province. We sent a message to the socialist that we will no longer be tricked, fooled by your lies and childish games. We sent a message to the fake news spreaders, the liars about Alberta Oil that you are our enemy, your lies about our great people and province will not be tolerated. We sent a message to Canada and Quebec that Alberta has been awaken. You have angered a sleeping economic giant and we will no longer be silent and accept your excuses Canada. We are an economic superpower and will be treated with respect. The AB wins is a reference to a hard-fought campaign by all conservatives, the multiple conservative parties. No matter what conservative party you backed, be happy today because conservatives have won. There have been differences, disagreements and arguments. I have told people not to vote for the AAP, the AP, the FCP, the AIP and gave reasons why on this page. I told the AIP what to do, unfortunately they didn’t listen and turned up a zero. I am disappointed. Even a one seat separatist party win would have been national news and we could have used that win to show the rest of Canada that Albertan’s are unhappy. Agree or disagree with separation, that one seat win would have been national news and leverage in showing the rest of Canada that Trudeau is the problem and must go. I am disappointed it didn’t happen. I apologize to the other conservation parties who I spoke out against. There are good people with good intentions involved with all the conservative party’s that were in this election. I have talked with many of you. Unfortunately, I seen no other way to evict the Notley government. With that done, this is a time for all Albertans and Conservatives to unify with a common goal. To hold Jason Kenney accountable for his election platform, to speak out for change, to use our voices and positions of influence for the good of all Albertans. Alberta To The Point will continue doing just that. This is a time for all conservative parties to unify into one alliance, one federation under one umbrella to hold Kenney accountable to Albertan’s and be ready to step in should he fail or leave for Ottawa. Jason Kenney gave a good acceptance speech, it was almost as if he watched some of my videos and used my exact words. It was good until he launched his federal campaign to be prime minister by repeatedly speaking in french. This is Alberta not Quebec, speak to us please. Perhaps all conservative stake holders must have a sit down and find similarity’s in goals and platforms. Build bridges and make friendships. One battle is won but to protect our way of life there are many more to come Alberta. Don’t become complacent, continue the passion, the NDP is gone, for now. I hope to be wrong, but I feel that Kenney is far from being Alberta’s savor and has already set his sights federally. We will continue ATTP’s work and will announce a new video in the coming days to discuss the things that Jason Kenney should do immediately.

Have an Awesome NDP free Day Alberta. The times are still tough but today there is more hope than yesterday. Campaign onward. I am.

As Always,

Be Nice.


2 thoughts on “Alberta Wins!!

  1. Hello Ambrose and Happy Easter,

    The reality of being Premier is already sinking in for Mr. Kenny. In just 36 hours after the UCP win we see what appears to be a conciliatory Mr. Kenny on the extension on the Trans Mountain pipeline consultation process. I agree that all aspect of the negations must be covered to avoid any further delay trough litigation, however there is no assurance that a thorough process will prevent said further litigation. In the last 36 hours we have also heard from Mr. Legault who very clearly reiterated his position on Quebec’s opposition to the pipeline. From my vantage point Ambrose, Alberta is at a status quo in terms of addressing our economy, and the election of Mr. Kenny thus far appears to not have helped the situation. All be it, it is too soon to pass any long term judgement. That said, Mr. Kenny should continue with the tone he echoed during the election as it appears that extended Alberta’s hand in friendship and partnership is a process that was tried by Ms.. Notley and resulted in Mr., Kenny’s election. The Feds could easily invoke its Federal Declaratory power under Section 91 of the Constitution Act of 1867 on transnational projects benefiting two or more provinces. Mr. Kenny should know this and Mr.. Kenny would be wise to remember this elections outcome for Ms. Notley.


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