New Video Announced

New Video Announcement

I would like to announce a new video titled “8 Things Jason Kenney Should Do Now.”

I will provide a list of 8 things that Mr. Kenney can do immediately to help Alberta now. It will include sending a message to our evil socialist western neighbour, to Upper / Lower Canada and to Oil and Gas investors. All points will help secure our present and future. As I wrote this piece it evolved into what looked like an ATTP election platform, lol, you can decide.

It is the job of the people who voted for Jason Kenney to hold him accountable for his promises, to speak out for change, to use our voices and positions of influence for the good of all Albertans.  Alberta To The Point will be doing just that, starting with this video.

One battle is won but to protect our way of life there are many more to come Alberta. Don’t become complacent, continue the passion,  continue the fight, the NDP is gone, for now. The Premier of Quebec has already angered me and picked a fight by continuing to say that Alberta Oil is still socially unacceptable in his province even after we all seen Jason Kenney extended the olive branch, in French.

I feel that Albertans have hope. I see it in my co workers and office staff. I see it in my community. Let’s keep up the pressure Alberta. Lots more work to be done and Albertans are never shy about work.

The video will air Sunday Morning April 21.

Happy Easter. Enjoy your long weekend.

As Always,

Be Nice.


One thought on “New Video Announced

  1. Looking forward to the video Ambrose. I am in agreement with your comments on the Premier of Quebec. Wonder if the definition of his social licence include transiting oil from hostile regimes up the St Lawrence, accepting transfers payments from Alberta. Also agree with the Upper/Lower Canada remark. Apparently too many of the Central Canadian elites are stuck in a time that has long passed.


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