Follow Up to Video Post, 8 Things that Jason Kenney Should Do Now.

Positive response to this video with almost 50,000 views on Facebook. Great number for only a 6100+ Facebook following. Lots of regular contributors to the page do not “follow” or “like the page.” If you like the posts, like the page by clicking on the thumbs up on the home page please, only 93,900 to go. There is strength in numbers. The larger the following, the larger the creditability and more politicians will listen to us.

The common theme from the comments was that Mr. Kenney needs time to get himself organized and make things happen. I think we can all agree that it will take time, but he is on a short leash and all of Alberta is watching.

Some parties claimed that I posted the exact same points on my video from their party election platforms. People who have followed ATTP would know that I posted some of these same points on my blog dated December 10, 2018. “Alberta, What Can We Do Now.” I am humbled to read suggestions that parties built their platforms around ATTP but never naive enough to believe it. I wouldn’t ever make the claim. Its all about working together, pushing for positive changes, not the glory, recognition, appreciation or claiming ownership of any idea. I am sure others have had the same ideas in the past. If a political party puts something from our page as a priority in government then we are successful as political activists. There are no big ego’s at ATTP.

The socialist losers were out in full force. It seems that some sore losers are placing blame on me for Notley’s downfall. As gratifying as the rejection of the socialist was, I am a very modest person and will only claim a very small role in Notley’s eviction. She did it herself, I just tactfully pointed it out to the undecided voters. I do believe that socialists and all successful or unsuccessful parties are looking at the results of this election wrong, including the UCP. This election was not a unanimous approval of Jason Kenney. Albertans are united, in complete agreement, and spoke with one voice echoing off the Alberta To The Point page. But it wasn’t an approval of Jason Kenney. It was a rejection of the NDP government and socialist Rachel Notley. Not only a rejection of Notley but a rejection of ALL the other political parties. Other than the Alberta Party at 9% of the popular vote the rest of the parties got less than 1% of the popular vote each. In a time when Albertan’s were looking for strong leadership, a strong steady hand to guide the province and someone we could trust, we turned to what people have described as the most favorable out of a pool of completely unfavorable candidates. The losing parties and boards need to do an evaluation of their political futures, leaderships, platforms and question if they have a role to play in a conservative Alberta. This was an election you could have won but Alberta completely rejected you. Take the gloves off and ask why. Stop trying to convince yourselves that you can win anything in your present form. Good Luck.

With the federal eviction 6 months away, we have some extra time while we watch and see how JK preforms. Should we turn westward to help our friends in BC spread the truth and evict their socialist / green party government?

Please like the page. There is strength in numbers.

Thank you.

As Always, Be Nice.


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