Is Trudeau A Complete Idiot?

New Video Announcement

Trudeau – Communism / Democracy and the difference between Sushi and Chinese Food.

I was having a quite sleepy Sunday afternoon until Trudeau embarrassed us….. again. I was going to take some time off and relax before we turned westward and did the same number on Horgan as we did on Notley while we planned for the Federal eviction. But somethings can’t go without mention so I quickly put together my take on Trudeau’s latest embarrassment of Canada. The video will air Wednesday morning.

It is something ALL Canadians should see. Especially the last 2 minutes. Where I will test my video editing skills and bring back a reminder from Steven Harper and the 2015 Federal Election. We should have listened.

Have a great Evening.

As Always Be Nice.

One thought on “Is Trudeau A Complete Idiot?

  1. No matter one’s political leanings, this demonstration by our PM is an embarrassment. It is tantamount to having the German Chancellor coming for a visit and being referred to as French. Ignorance, and an utter lack of attention to detail is the legacy of the present Federal Government.


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