Trudeau Verses Vice Admiral Mark Norman.

New Video Announcement

Trudeau Verses Vice Admiral Mark Norman.

I tried to rest by taking a break from my videos, to wait for summer when we will do to Trudeau what we did in Alberta to Rachel Notley. But some things need to be said. Good people need to speak up. Some stories need to be told. Canadians must hear the story. The truth.  I travel a lot, I have been lucky to have chance encounters with people I find interesting, in airport lounges, on airplanes and in hotel lounges. Although I don’t talk much when people recognize me its usually an interesting conversation. I have talked with the head of scouting and player development of an NHL team, a federal judge, a movie star, a Premier and numerous other people of interest. Recently I was fortunate enough to sit next to a few gentlemen that are still in the military. I have been out awhile so getting their perspective of how the military has handled the introduction of marijuana, transgender service members, long deployments and life in general was very interesting. While they couldn’t voice their displeasure with the Prime Minister, all military, former and servicing, know how to talk in code.   Hey Jeff, I said, if you think Trudeau is a poor leader order us another drink, hey bartender bring me a triple he said. I need it. These gentlemen had honour, integrity and truth. Our kind of people.  We discussed the Vice Admiral Mark Norman situation and an important point was brought up on how this has affected moral in the military and their current recruiting efforts. These men don’t have a voice to tell the truth. They do now with ATTP. It was a real pleasure earning the trust of these men and getting their perspective. As a former member that is no longer shackled with speaking my thoughts, the truth, I was inspired by these men to use our platform to speak up. I feel I should say what the men and women that look up to Vice Admiral Mark Norman are thinking. Let’s talk the truth. This video will air on Sunday morning May 12th at 8 am MST.

As Always,

Be Nice.


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