National Post News Article on Mark Norman

National Post News Article on Mark Norman

You heard the true story here first. I like that the NP exposed the other shipbuilder that I referred to in my video. Irving. A long-time liberal supporter and Saudi oil buyer. They are rumoured to have given massive donations to campaigns. It is said that they put the elder Trudeau in the PMO. It was disappointing that the National Post only beats around the bush and never says that this was revenge motivated by Trudeau because he couldn’t reward his big campaign contributor with a ship building contract. ATTP will say the truth, and we did, a week before the NP implies it. Take a read and compare my video and the National Post. Norman is known around the world in navy circles, and just like I said in the video, Trudeau damaged the reputation of our Military internationally by seeking revenge on Mark Norman. With no information released on why Norman was relieved of his duties, our allies didn’t know who they could trust with information in the Canadian Military. This caused security issues, fortunately it didn’t cause any loss of life. ATTP also said that Vance threw Norman under the bus when he should have stood up for him. Vance was covering his own ass to gain favor with Trudeau. Resign Vance! Norman is a man of honour, truth and integrity. As you can conclude from the ATTP video and from the post article, Trudeau is a bad bad man that sought to destroy a man’s reputation and life over revenge. Can October come quick enough? Did ATTP get this one right?

‘The fight of your life’: In a Postmedia exclusive, Mark Norman tells his side of the story


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