New Video Announcement.

Follow Up To Trudeau and Norman Video’s

I would like to announce a new video that will be a follow up to our last two videos with some general thoughts and opinions on recent news developments. Here is a sneak peak.

The consensus in the comments section is that Trudeau is frequently stoned and is an…….

…… These vacations are things Canadians only dream about. Being the Prime Minister seems to be a tough job full of fun, frolic and…..

I would like to welcome the people from Ontario and Quebec to our page. Thank you for your support.  This is a platform where you can engage in conversation with your fellow Canadians and understand the issues that we face in Alberta.

Vance got a raise for standing up for his young ………..or I mean Trudeau. Vance applied military leadership principle # 3. Seek and accept responsibility.  He took accountability for the Mark Norman mess. By doing so he took the pressure off the Prime Minister and got rewarded with a raise. I never liked him as my commander and I like Vance even less now.

….We are in for a fight my friends. A fight for the very existence of Canada. Not pipelines, not corruption, not a carbon tax and not international respect. This election will be about the very future existence of our country…….. Our beautiful Canada that I proudly put my hand on the bible and swore to protect with my life may not exist beyond October…..

The video will air Sunday May 26 at 8:00 am MST.2019-05-24 06.56.11

As Always

Be Nice


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