The Choices in the Federal Election.

Alberta will lead the way and try to save Canada. There are only two choices on the ballot. Alberta or Trudeau. Alberta will make every effort to reconcile with Canada at Election19. On election night Canada will tell Albertan’s loud and clear how they feel about Alberta and Canadian unity. Alberta or Trudeau Canada.

As Always.
Be Nice.
Choose wisely.2019-06-12 12.32.02

2 thoughts on “The Choices in the Federal Election.

  1. A few days ago I was reading the comment section of CBC news regarding an article pertaining to a Federal decision. One commentary stated the Alberta is Canada’s last chance. I am biased, but agree with that comments. The next Federal election will in my opinion determine the fate of this once great nation. If elected, I fear Mr. Trudeau will be emboldened to continue down his progressive – aka alt leftist road. This will result in two outcomes. First is a Greece like economic catastrophe followed be the second which is the break up of out nation.

    We need leadership in this country that will Make Canada Great Again – MCGA. Not virtue signaling and re-engineering our cultural heritage given any chance. Unfortunately four more years of Mr. Trudeau will come at a great cost to Canada should she survive. I too am an Nationalist and never imagined the idea of an Alberta separated from this nation, now I am not so sure that separation will not be the out come.


    1. Well said Sir. I cant agree enough. To logically accept the end of Canada in my mind, I feel high levels patriotism, emotion and excitement knowing that Alberta will continue with, preserve and grow the old Canadian values.


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