Trudeau Forces Carbon Tax on Alberta.

Carbon Tax forced on Alberta Jan 1 2020. NO! NO! NO! Alberta will no longer accept things FORCED on us by Trudeau. You deny us pipelines east/west, we no longer listen to you. I will say it again. The date is proof that the Liberals will make this election about climate change and the environment. When it is really about Alberta Seperation and Canadian Unity. Trudeau will not listen.Two choices Canada. Alberta or Trudeau. A vote for Trudeau is a vote for the end of Canada.

Choose wisely Canada. #WeTheWest
As Alwats. Be Nice.

2 thoughts on “Trudeau Forces Carbon Tax on Alberta.

  1. Recently read a report on Zero hedge on global green house gas emitters, and Canada ranked tenth. Behind South Korea and Saudi Arabia at a contribution of 1.6 percent. China, the US and India were the top three respectively accounting collectively for 48 percent of global emissions. Like other aspects of Liberal policy (do not get me started on gun control) the issues of carbon emissions is a red herring. The most egregious aspect of the Trudeau regime’s carbon tax on Alberta is that GST is applied on top of the carbon tax turning the GST into a surtax. Just an other way to extricate more money out of Alberta for Mr. Trudeau’s Progressive- aka alt left polices.
    I agree as a person employed in energy that there is no economy with out the environment and there are tools at our disposal to address pollution in a made in Canada way. For example, instead of obstructing justice, use the engineering expertise be SNC Lavalin to find the most direct way to transport non renewable resources to our ports for export. Could we not use uranium form Saskatchewan, enriched in Ontario and used in a CANDU reactor in Fort Mac to extract oil from bitumen instead of using non renewable natural gas that could be sold at a profit over seas? Not to the Liberal mind. The Liberal mind rather punish Alberta, destroy Canada’s revenue stream all in the name of so called social licence and virtue signaling. It is becoming apparent the Mr. Trudeau is not interested in made in Canada solutions to the environment that are economically beneficial. If elected again, he may be the last Prime Minister of a once united country.


    1. Well said Frank. I hadn’t considered the double tax. Are you saying that in a 100 dollar home heating bill I pay my carbon tax at say 2% , making it $102 then a 5% GST on the 102 making the the cost now 107.10?


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