New Video Announcement. What is ATTP?

New Video Announcement
What2019-06-18 17.40.25 is ATTP?
Followers have asked what does this guy stand for? Who is he? Why are so many people listening, supporting and talking about Alberta To The Point? Why is he doing this? Is it for the money? We will answer all these questions and more in our next video.

There have been inquires about my position on certain social and political issues. I have also been associated with some issues that we don’t support, so I thought we would make a video that clarifies our position on issues, our goals, our priority’s and intentions in the short term. The messaging for the federal election will be discussed. There have been suggestions that we are funded by the right. I assure you all costs to date are mine. It has been suggested that we fund raise. We will discuss this in the video. We have made some changes at ATTP and will be debuting a new recording studio. Kenney has a war room. Being a former soldier, I like Kenney’s intention, but I don’t think its fitting to call it a war room. We will just call ours the ATTP Studio, unless you have a better name suggestion? To date I have done more with an unfunded studio than Kenney has with his tax dollar funded “war room.” Time will tell. Based on your suggestions, our new ATTP Studio has better camera work, lighting and sound recording. As seen in the attached pic. It should provide a better viewing and listening experience. Here is a sample of a few takes in the video.

“I am pro military, pro police, anti corruption and I support free enterprise, entrepreneur’s, innovation and low taxes. My Alberta has no place for lazy people looking for a handout. Take care of our seniors, disabled and veterans first. I support taking care of our citizens first. Foreign countries last.”

The video will air on all our social media platforms at 8:00 am Friday June 21.

Have a Great Day.
As Always,
Be Nice.

One thought on “New Video Announcement. What is ATTP?

  1. You could refer to it as the “Situation Room”. Believe this may be from CNN, not sure if they copy righted that. Do like the points you stand for, would suggest that a good portion of Albertan’s would agree. Sad to say, there was a time when Canada stood for the same points – at least most Canadians. Then came the era of the so called Progressives – aka neo left, and as they say – the rest is history.


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