New Video Announcement

Canada Lets Talk. A 4-Part ATTP Video Series.
New Video Announcement. Alberta Lets Talk.

Alberta To The Point will do a 4-part video series called Canada Let’s Talk.
Part 1 – Alberta Lets Talk.
Part 2 – BC Lets Talk.
Part 3 – Ontario Lets Talk.
Part 4 – Atlantic Canada Lets Talk.

Each video will talk to specific areas of the country about our relationship with them. Yes, I deliberately left out Quebec. Jason Kenney thought he found an ally in Premier François Legault. Afterall Kenney is the first premier in the history of Alberta that can speak French. I had hope that Kenney and Legault could form a friendship, a working partnership perhaps? A mutually beneficial pact to eliminate Trudeau? But with Quebec joining with BC to block pipelines east and now west, this will never be possible. Quebec has no right being in Alberta’s business. I like the people of Quebec. Especially rural Quebecers. They are hardworking and proud. But they are not our friends. Never have and never well be. In a time of need Alberta can not count on Quebec’s help. Quebec is a write off and I feel speaking to them would be a waste of my time.
The first video will focus on Alberta and how we want to present ourselves in this fight. The messages we want to push across Canada for Election 2019. How we should handle ourselves and what our strategy will be. We will then use that messaging in the next 3 videos to talk to BC, Ontario and Atlantic Canada.
Alberta Let’s Talk will air on all social media platforms on Sunday July 21 at 8:00 am MST.
As Always,
Be Nice

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