British Columbia Lets Talk.

From the Canada Let’s Talk series we are announcing Part 2 of 4. “British Columbia Lets Talk.” I could honestly do multiple videos on BC. They are so messed up in the lower mainland, Vancouver and Victoria area that they present so much material. Absolute hypocrites. Trudeau is still the King of comedy for saying and doing stupid stuff but the government of BC is a close second. It was a challenge cutting video to get this in the 10 minute range. I was in Vancouver recently and will share some harbor pics. We will discuss the obvious items, Trans Mountain, ocean pollution from raw sewer, coal exports and I will, as always, add some first hand knowledge and information that you may not know. Here is a sample……..

An uncomfortable talk @BCJohn. You may squirm in your seat and wish it over. I call them courageous conversations John. It takes courage to tell the truth. You will try to avoid it, they occur when the listener, that’s you John, refuses to accept the facts.
British Columbia, our neighbor, once our ally and friend. No more…….

The video will air on our new
Alberta To The Point YouTube
channel Sunday morning July 28th at 8:00 am MST. A link will be posted here.

As Always Be Nice.

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