New Video. BC Lets Talk.

One thought on “New Video. BC Lets Talk.

  1. Like this video Ambrose. you forgot to mention the thousands of Hectors(acres) of forest clear cut, processed in pulp and pap mills (which is also dumped into BC water ways) then sent to Asia just like the millions of tons of coal. I digress, Mr. Horgan along with Mr. Trudeau are the new Alt Left bent in our confederation. Pro green and anti Alberta. Who cares if the above mentioned and along with oil tankers for the ME sail up the Saint Lawrence. Who cares if millions of liters of sewage was dumped into that very same Saint Lawrence by the mayor of Montreal that has issue with pipe lines…..who cares.

    I for one care, I am watching this Federal Election closely and truly hope that Mr. Sheer is victorious. I must confess though Ambrose, part of me hopes for a Trudeau minority collation with the support of the Green and NDP. Alberta’s march (probably a few other provinces) to independence will then be a matter of time. Let me refresh everyone’s memory with a wonderful proposal suggested by a former PM our ours (one of the best ever in Canada’s history) and two professors of mine at the U of C. Enjoy

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