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Hello my friends.
The latest ATTP poll results are an overwhelming majority that support invoking Bill C -12 to shut of the taps to BC. With well over the standard 1000 person sampling (1676 votes at post publishing) the result is 93% in favor of using the shut the taps legislation. Incredible!! Thank you to all that voted.

The purpose of the TMX is to help BC with the ever-increasing high price of gasoline and diesel. Many residents of Canada, Vancouver and Victoria do not know or understand these facts. BC Premier John Horgan knows these facts and is fighting Alberta in court claiming Alberta does not have the right to limit the flow of fuel to BC via the TMX while publicly opposing the Pipeline expansion. An absolute hypocrite.

Alberta is losing the public relations battle. We are getting our asses kicked to be honest. Alberta Oil and Gas is horrible with public relations. All we must do is tell the truth. Its so easy but we are getting schooled. The only way to show BC residents the importance of Alberta Oil and to bring national attention to this issue is to turn off the taps for a designated period.

Always open to suggestions but I see no other way. Alberta To The Point, with your help, is educating people and telling the truth but it is having minimal impact. Its time to up the public pressure on John Horgan and Andrew Weaver. Next week ATTP will announce a major initiative and new video release to bring attention to Alberta and our efforts to work with and help BC. Its time to step into the main stream.

The bear has been kicked one too many times. Alberta is awakened. We used to be busy, making money and everyone happy working. Paying our taxes and equalization. Truth be told most Albertan’s didn’t even know what equalization was. We do now!!! We will never accept being used and mistreated by any government ever again. The saying never upset the apple cart has never applied so well. Trudeau and BC upset the cart big time. Now Alberta wants and will get a bigger share of the apple pie. No exceptions!!!

Have a wonderful long weekend. I sure wish some of this global warming I keep hearing about would come our way.

As Always. Be Nice.

One thought on “Face Book ATTP Poll Results

  1. As Abe Lincoln said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” . Albertans have been fooled for too long. Yes, the Reform years showed some promise. The slogan was that the west wants in translated into the Harper years where we felt that Confederation was giving us a fair shot. We had a voice, we were the economic engine of the country and we were happy to contribute.

    Then came Mr. Trudeau 2.0 and just like his dad, Alberta has once again been marginalized. His dad did it under the rubric of the NEP – which was nothing more than a economic power play to control and centrally plan the economy. Now 2.0 is doing under the rubric of saving the environment less the tonnage of vessels carrying mid east oil sailing up the Saint Lawrence or the tonnes of coal the Peoples Republic of BC is sending to Asia. I truly hope the Albertans have come to realize that it is either a true Confederation or Alberta must part ways.

    Have a great long and sage weekend.

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