New Video Announcement

ATTP will announce a project to bring attention to the ABSOLUTE HYPOCRISY and LIES of JOHN HORGAN, the BC GOVERNMENT and ENVIRONMENTALISTS over the Trans Mountain pipeline and Alberta Oil. The announcement will be made by video.
Canada, Alberta needs your help.

The widest distribution of this video will be necessary to gain traction, maximum effect and exposure.

The latest ATTP poll results are an overwhelming majority that support invoking Bill C -12 to shut of the taps to BC. With well over the standard 1000-person sampling (2500+ votes at post publishing) the result is 92% in favor of using the shut the taps legislation. Incredible!! It could be said that the vote is bias given our Pro Alberta demographic. An obvious left-wing liberal defense. But 26% of the yes votes are BC residents and another 12% are non-Alberta residents. Canada wide support. Now that’s amazing.

The Video will air on Monday August 5th at 4 pm MST on all ATTP’s social media platforms.

Thank you.
As Always Be Nice.

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