ATTP New Video. Be Proud Alberta!!

3 thoughts on “ATTP New Video. Be Proud Alberta!!

  1. See ya when you get back!

    On Sun, Aug 11, 2019, 8:01 AM Alberta -To the Point. wrote:

    > ambroseralph posted: “Be Proud Alberta!! A few announcements before a > vacation. ATTP Video” >


  2. Dear Sir: you mention you are considering becoming a politician.
    That is one word where my mind goes blank and I lose my train of thought. I would think you would know that most thinking people have had enough, of politicans.
    That is not how I see you. Your voice has risen to a position of influence, like you mention.
    Is there not another word to describe someone who is honest, hardworking, loyal, committed to a cause and knows that lying by ommission is still a lie?
    I, in truth, have no interest in listening to another politician. I’m 70 years old and am one of those people I described above. I’ve lived most everywhere in Canada. I know the cultural makeup of this chunk of earth.
    The future you describe for Alberta encompasses Lake Winnipeg west to Prince Rupert, south to Nehemiah Valley (maybe further south) upto and including the Territories and Mackenzie Valley.
    East of Lake Winnipeg is nice, but we don’t need it. As long as we have tidewater in the north and west, the east could be a trading partner.
    How are we going get out of confederation? I’ve heard no mention from you about a referendum. Is that the only way out?


    1. Hi Donna thank you for your note. I am not a politician, do I have an interest in politics yes. Would I be a conventional politician? Absolutely not. Would you believe that an experienced politician recently told me that the truth doesn’t sell. I think it does. We will change that. Yes a referendum is the only way out of Canada. It is a difficult way to exit but not impossible. Are you familiar with Bill C-20 The Clarity Act? I have attached it for your reading. I am currently writing a video on How and If Alberta Can Legally Separate. I will air it when the time is right.
      Thank you for your interest in ATTP. Drop a note anytime.
      Kindest Regards,


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