Thursday Takes. Trudeau Brings No Good.

One thought on “Thursday Takes. Trudeau Brings No Good.

  1. Ambrose let us face it. If a Conservative looks sideways the Liberals are there to virtue signal about racial privilege and scold. However these same leftist can do what ever (SNC-obstruction, Slander-Admiral Norman, Questionable judgment-black face) and the get a pass. In the “Liberal Mind” it is okay. I figured out what Liberals suffer from, inverted reality syndrome. Truly, think about it. To the “Liberal Mind” everything is up side down rather than right side up.

    A few examples,
    1. Immigration; people who want to come to Canada legally are put through the 12 labours of Hercules. Those who skip the line and are considered “migrant” are free to come in. Inverted Reality.
    2. Climate; Canada that produces 1.6% of green house gasses globally should de-industrialize, destroy our revenue generating oil and gas exports while Chine and India get a pass. Inverted Reality.

    By the looks of, Central and Eastern Canadians do not care and by all appearances are ready to give Mr. Trudeau another mandate as these people as well appear to be suffering form the “Liberal Mind”
    In short order the election will yield its result, and in short order Albertans will have to make a choice of our future lest we become collateral damage of the “Liberal Mind”.


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