Trudeau’s Gun Control

2 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Gun Control

  1. Hello Ambrose,

    First, good shooting. Nice 9mm carbine with Glock Mags. You are a better shot than I.

    So where to start for someone who has a familiarity with firearms. I am not going to talk about the fact that there is not such thing as a Military Style Assault rifle. Not going to mention that the Liberal promise is in line with Liberals trying to disarm Canadians sine Trudeau 1.0. Not going to mention the cities get their authority from the provinces under section 92 of the constitution act of 1867. Not going to mention the guns are private property which also fall under the aforementioned section (interesting point is the Mr. Trudeau wants to buy back rifles with $1000 dollars of gun owners tax dollars, by the way many ARs are in the $2000 range). Not going to mention banning hand guns and semi auto rifles from licenced – RCMP vetted gun owners will do nothing to reduce gang violence in cities ( the very cities that champion safe injection sites – which is a criminal code offence of facilitating a crime).

    No Ambrose, none of this will I bring up. What I will bring up is your point of the precedent. Today it is handgun bans in Toronto or Vancouver. Tomorrow it is car bans in Victoria, how about houses of a certain size bans in Montreal. The list goes on.

    My prediction is looking more likely by the day. A liberal minority propped up either in coalition of affiliation by the Greens and NDs. This will be the end of Canada the way we know it.

    Thanks Ambrose, have a good Sunday


    1. Agreed Frank. Well stated Sir. Trudeau talks before he knows the facts. The current system works in Canada. Thank you for your continued support Sir. Thank you for your donation.


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