Canada A Political Mess.

2 thoughts on “Canada A Political Mess.

  1. Excellent video blog sir,

    You have articulated everything that I have said about the political party system in Canada. A true Conservative movement will never be elected in the Peoples Republic of Canada. Even the watered downed red tory CPC of Mr. Sheer. will not see the light of day.

    I take you back to 2008. Remember the then leader of the Liberals, Stephen Dion. His plans for a carbon tax and the “Green Shift” plan. After the election he and the NDP wanted to form a coalition supported by the Bloc. This forced Mr. Harper’s hand to prorogue parliament. Well Ambrose, we do not have Mr. Harper in Parliament today. I foresee a similar situation with Oct 21st election. Scenario, Mr. Trudeau wins a minority. In Alberta the Liberals are wiped out, and in SK/MB greatly reduced in numbers. Trudeau and Singh will form a coalition with the possibility of the Greens and Bloc supporting and joining. Then Ambrose the evisceration will begin. The West, in particular Alberta, will be fleeced as this “Grand Coalition” will have no electoral capital to lose. The CPC will be relegated to a permanent opposition party while the West is used as an ATM machine.

    This Ambrose will be an existential threat to Alberta and Western Canada. Our economy will be plundered by Central/Eastern Canada, and our political voice will account for marginal protest at best. It is time for us to act in the aforementioned scenario. Our very existence depends upon it. If we do not do something the Collectivist Left will see to fit that future Western generations will become indentured servants of Upper/Lower Canada and the largesse to their constituents that keeps them in power will continue.

    Have a very happy Thanksgiving

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