What Now?

5 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. Thank you for your continuing service to our people and our values.
    I moved to Alberta in 1981, left for Vancouver Island after the towers came down and returned in 2013.
    I have never seen Alberta in such bad shape. There are so many hungry people now and so little food to go around.
    Our tap water is poisoned, our ground water polluted, our skies full of toxins and our children are being indoctrinated with subservience to a deadly agenda.
    At times, I’ve run out of hope. I’m a senior, I grow up here and probably will die here. I want and need to be able to inculcate my values of honour and duty into my grandchildren.
    They deserve more than they’re getting from our society. I have hope in you. I will follow a soldier before I’ll follow a politician.
    Lead the way, soldier!

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      1. Is your Agenda ready to share yet? I mentioned it to a woman who was asking what’s next. I haven’t been able to find it.


  2. Fully agree with you on Quebec Nationalism, hence the $20 billion in transfers payments. Oct 21 was a turning point for me too Ambrose. First, it became obvious that the in order for the CCP to have any hope if winning a majority they would have to morph back into the PCP which spawned Reform. 65% of Canadians voters chose a leftist “progressive” party. Interestingly 65% of Albertans chose the only right of center party. From an ideological point of view, this tells me all I need to know.

    Second, on Oct 21 two countries were formed. The Eastern and Western countries that share the name Canada. After this day, Canada will never be the same. I agree, our futures are in our hands. The Quebecor’s had a saying during the quiet revolution,”maitre chez nous.”, “masters in our own house”. We Albertans have to truly become the masters of our own house.


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