ATTP Goes On Record About Racism.

One thought on “ATTP Goes On Record About Racism.

  1. Agree with you completely Ambrose. Conservatives let the leftists paint them into the “ism: corner constantly and it is ridiculous that we Conservatives allow this. For the record, I do not care where you are from, what deity you believe in or who you sleep with. As long as you do not violate anyone else’s liberty, please live and let live.

    Recently I have a lively discussion with a ‘progressive’ accusing my ilk of being bigoted and racist. I plainly relayed to him that that is not possible. Reason, I have more in common with a conservative Asian, African, or any non European than I do with European “progressives”. Simply my ideology is color, race, religion and orientation blind.

    Enough said on that one.


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