Letter To Kenney

Ambrose Ralph
Alberta To The Point


November 8th, 2019

Honourable Jason Kenney
Premier, President of the Executive Council, Minister of Intergovernmental Relations
Members of Executive Council
Executive Branch
307 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Canada Pension Plan

Dear Sir,
As one of your constituents I am deeply concerned about Alberta’s future within the Canada Pension Plan.
In 2017, Alberta workers represented approximately 7 % of the working population of Canada but we accounted for 17% percent of the total contributions to CPP.

At the same time, Alberta retirees only accounted for 11% percent of CPP expenditures. This resulted in Alberta putting 2.9 billion more dollars into the plan than we took out. 2.9 billion dollars Sir.

Over the last decade Albertans made a total net contribution of $28 billion to CPP. With Alberta’s young demographic and higher birth rate verses Canada’s aging population I am concerned that the plan may collapse and there will not be any money in the plan for Albertan’s when it is time for us to get payed.

I urge your government to consider notifying the federal government that Alberta will have its own pension plan starting in 2020. Thus, taking care of Albertan’s first, today and into the future. I look forward to your reply.


Ambrose Ralph
Alberta To The Point

2 thoughts on “Letter To Kenney

  1. Hello. In your last video you praised Kenney for lowering the rate corporations will be paying.
    Are you aware that he has cut service programs, as of December 31, such as the Kincare Subsidy Program?
    There are other cuts he’s made as well.
    He’s benefiting corporations and harming my family. Who is supposed to babysit the children while the parents are out doing their slave labour?


    1. Hi Donns thank you for your comment on the video. I said that I approve of some of the things that Kenney has done not all. As for the Kin Care program the issue became the fact that some parents were abusing the system by leaving their children at home alone and then having a relative claim the fay care fee, lieing to the government by say they were taking care of the children when they were not. This is a safety concern for the children and is fraud. The program was never intended to be a source of income.


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