Wexit Withdrawals ATTP Guest Speaker Invite

Wexit has withdrawn their invite for ATTP to speak at their Calgary rally. I still believe that the work Wexit is doing and the attention that they are bringing to Alberta issues is important. As I have previously stated, and I will say it again, I do not support many items in the Wexit platform, but I do support Alberta Independence and for that, their group is worthy of our encouragement. If that will transfer into votes in the next federal election, time will tell.

ATTP will continue to conduct ourselves with a high level of professionalism while maintaining the values of truth, duty and honour. Our work to tell the truth about Alberta Oil & Gas and to stand up for Alberta issues will continue. We will switch our focus back to the important issues in Provincial politics instead of a federal focus. Our Alberta First campaign will continue to give the UCP credit when credit is due but always holding Mr. Kenny and the UCP accountable to all Albertan’s.

I stand by my commitment to continue including all Albertan’s in our forum. We represent the western family values of hard work, truth, duty, honour and integrity no matter what your ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
I wish the Wexit team good luck in their endeavors on becoming a federal party. I look forward to the leadership race.

As Always, Be Nice.
For Independence.

2 thoughts on “Wexit Withdrawals ATTP Guest Speaker Invite

  1. I saw this coming.
    It’s a shame those boy’s over at Wexit couldn’t swallow their pride and accept the fact that you would be a better leader/co-leader for this venture.
    Wexit needs to hold a General Meeting/Election. (I’m not sure of their organization status.)
    Let the members of this organization choose their leader.
    If they don’t get their house in order, they’re toast!


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