Independence or Separation?

One thought on “Independence or Separation?

  1. Agreed Ambrose. Independence and sovereignty are clear and concise. Unfortunately separation can and would be defined in a number or ways which would only confuse the result. Very similar to what is going on with Brexit.

    Eventually Alberta – The West, will have to make a sovereignty choice. If nothing else it comes down to money and the existential threat posed by the “progressives” to our collective pocket books. Make no mistake, the population dense ‘progressive’ regions of the country will be more than happy to vote themselves our assets while ignoring our grievances.

    A very similar situation is in the US right now between Red and Blue states. In fact Ambrose, I can see a time where North America splits into 3 or more countries just like Europe split into various countries over the millennia. The irony there is that the EU is trying to undo the evolution of events that have take place in Europe, I digress.

    Whether Mr. Kenny is on side or not at this point is irrelevant. The situation of independence will become more pressing as more financial resources are extricated from Alberta. If the pundits are correct, the globe is headed for a recession over the next months which will add to the vigor to independence.


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