” My Boots Were Covered In The Liberal Platform”

4 thoughts on “” My Boots Were Covered In The Liberal Platform”

  1. Good Morning Ambrose,

    Correct, it is called arbitrage. Where an asset or tangible of relatively save value is sold at a higher price. Mostly used in currency markets.

    This is Liberal play book 101. Trudeau 1.0 did it, Chretien did it, and now 2.0 is doing. In fact, I remember during the Chretien years how we were at a 65 cent USD. The issue though is inflation, currency fluctuations of this sort lead to inflation when the global reserve currency (USD), is also used to settle account in international trade. A country like Canada has to buy USD in order to settle international trade. That is one of the reason we are seeing riots in various spots around the world. The exchange rates of the domestic currency to USD is causing domestic inflation.

    Another Liberal playbook 101 is stagflation. 1.0 did it, Chretien presided over the stagnant 90s and 2.0 is leading us into stagflation. Low growth and high inflation. What will the BOC do, raise rates. What will that do, retard liquidity and investment.

    The very same industrial base of ON and QC will be hit hard. 2.0 will have to wear his incompetence like a badge of honor and the flames of independence will just grow louder. Heck, read that there is a movement on rural ON to join Wexit.


    1. Good points Frank. As for Ontario and we seen it in the federal election, I get lots of messages from Northern Ontario. Lots of messages of support and good questions. One guy said that the conservative base is basically north of Barrie. They have the same relation with Toronto as we have with Ottawa. Natural Resources rich but no development.


  2. Dear Sir: I too have had profound ideas while shoveling shit. This discovery of yours is probably not new to some people. After all, it’s how our country is run like it is? The fact that you and now I know this leads me to believe we need a think tank of our own. A Profound Idea While Shoveling Shit Thinktank. I’m serious. It doesn’t have to be called that. I’ve met the Wexit guy at his first gathering last summer and don’t like him, nor do I trust him. I won’t work for him. I know you’re just one man, but it sounds like you’re building a team? Do you need my help? Donna Furnival

    On Sun, Dec 1, 2019, 8:09 AM Alberta -To the Point. wrote:

    > ambroseralph posted: “A Look at the real reason why Trudeau is attacking > Alberta. Watch Video By Clicking Here” >


    1. Thats an awesome reply Donna. Funny, accurate and to the point. I have few people who help me with various things, as we grow and if I get into politics we will need a small army of volunteers to help. I will be calling on you 🙂 UNtil then you can help by being some eyes and ears. If I say or do something you dont like let me know, if you have a suggestion let me now too. Drop me a note anytime.



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