Podcast Show
We are very excited to announce our dive into the podcasting world. Our podcast show will air weekly on this page on Wednesdays at 7 pm MST. Links to the show will be posted on our Facebook page and on Twitter @ABToThePoint. The show will be audio only (pod cast) and feature political guest speaker and opinions. The show will be more edgy, raw, unedited and To The Point as the title “Telling It Like It Is” suggests. We want to hear from Albertan’s and Western Canadians. We want to hear your thoughts, stories, political opinions and insights. We will occasionally open the phone lines for listeners to call in or if you want to be a guest on the show drop me a message on Facebook messenger.
Our weekly Sunday videos will continue with our first video of 2020 airing on Sunday morning January 5th at 8 am MST. All podcasts will be Wednesdays at 7 PM MST. The first “Tell It Like It Is” show will air January 8th. The podcasts will be about 45 minutes +/-. The great thing about the podcast is that you can listen to it anywhere and its not like a Facebook video or post that you must keep open to watch or hear. You can have the “Tell It Like It Is” podcast show on in the background, go about your business and still use your computer or phone. We are very excited for the addition to the Alberta To The Point platform to spread our conservative message.

As Always Be Nice. Unless you are “Telling It Like It Is”

One thought on “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT “Telling It Like It Is”

  1. Happy New Years Ambrose,
    Fantasitc idea, I can not wait. Thanks for doing this, yo a re true Alberta patriot.
    Frank Koeksal


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