Tell It Like It Is. Conservative Radio.

4 thoughts on “Tell It Like It Is. Conservative Radio.

  1. Also disappointed that Tona Ambrose withdrew from Fed. Conservative race,
    Could it be that she is saving herself for entering the Western Independance movement at at later time, when all of the ground work has been done by guys like yourself ? Just wondering.


  2. Yesterday I attended my MP’s New Years community get together. Really like my MP, smart guy, dedicated to Alberta. What struck me though was a lack of enthusiasm in the crowd. As the CPC is going into a leadership race for what I assume is not only the new leader but future PM, there was that zest or should I say vigor missing. Interesting thing was I spoke with a Government MLA, smart guys as well. His take was interesting in terms of Federal Government. In a nut shell, he was not too optimistic going forward. I think that says it all. No matter who the CPC puts in place, the fact is that 66% of the electorate voted left last election. We as Albertans will be fleeced if we continue to participate in a country that takes our money but does not take our voice.


    1. Agreed Frank. Conservatives piss me off. The CPC needs a rebirth. The stench of the old guard needs to be flushed out. The $ 300,000 entrance fee to be leader is nothing more than a deterrent to outsiders.


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