Tell It Like It Is. Conservative Talk. Episode II

4 thoughts on “Tell It Like It Is. Conservative Talk. Episode II

  1. I have listened for the first time to this voice talk. It’s a good forum. I am a devoted Albertan and have been Conservative for my whole life, not always happy with the way this party has lead, but still hung in there. However, I am so disappointed in the past 10 years how our Provincial as well as our Federal Conservative party’s have been managed and party leaders have been chosen. For a wee bit of background I am a 63 year old 3 industry blue collar worker ( coal, construction and Oil & Gas Industry ). I was also a farmer. I have worked without ever collecting gov handouts for 48 years. I was carefull with my paycheques should be retired by now, but unfortunately to some life set backs can’t yet. Anyway, I am not here to give you my life story, but rather make a few statements for future discussions. What really get’s my dander up is all these career politicians with political correctness views. This is what is killing our country. For example: When will someone with grit actually stand up and say we are getting over run by Muslims who have not one ounce of respect for us??? They are being let into our country with one goal in mind, take over our country and make us slaves. This is just one topic to talk about.


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