“Green Is Dead!”

2 thoughts on ““Green Is Dead!”

  1. Hi Ambrose. I like this and shared to my Facebook timeline and a Rocky Mountain House opinion page. The comments on YouTube seem to be disabled, probably for very good reason, so I’m sending a reply to this email. I love your common sense and informed pro Alberta stance within our nation. Please keep up the good work, you speak for more than you maybe realize and you can count on my support. I also forwarded “oil is dead” to Evan Solomon, let him know he has been flamed. I do watch his shows. Be safe Ambrose, I look forward to Your next post.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Jim. Its always great to hear from you. I think you need to join to channel on YouTube to comment but the comments over there get very insulting and they have no filter. On FB and the Blog I can do a filter and it keeps things clean, for the most part. Our popularity is growing and our message is gaining traction. But it has to be spread by grassroots Oil Na Gas workers such as ourselves. We have to tell the truth. Its up to us to get the job done. Thanks Jim.


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