Trudeau You SOB!!

2 thoughts on “Trudeau You SOB!!

  1. Hello. My greatest fear has always been I will be ditched in a long term care facility. I’ve always told my children I will not do this. I will drive my Jeep over a cliff before I’ll be put in one. It has inspired me to remain functional though. I just escaped 2 Independent Care facilities, one in Millet and the other recently in Wabamun. I was moving my household when this Plandemic commenced. I got out in the nick of time. I’m still heartbroken about the Veteran you spoke of in your video. Our society is broken that we get rid of our senior’s instead of helping them stay in society. Thank you for speaking up for us, Donna Furnival

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  2. I know someone who is the manager of a seniors home. When she accepted the job 5 years ago, the place was run by the union and the attitude of most of the care staff was deplorable. The existence of union members in these facilities is the major problem because it is a poisonous influence on the attitude of work responsibility and authority in those home.

    Yes, put some of the blame on Trudeau – he deserves much of it.
    Put the majority of the blame on the cowardly provincial Premiers who refuse to repeals all labour laws that allow unions to operate in our provincial governments. Until this single issue is resolved, Ontario and Quebec seniors and veterans will continue to be treated as third class citizens while the unions will continue to coddle and brainwash the workers.


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