New Studio Update.

Blog Post-July 26/2020

Hello, Alberta To The Point Followers,
Its been a busy few weeks, off-camera, here at ATTP, but construction is almost complete, and we are ready to debut our improved studio with a new video next Sunday on August 2nd.
We added a new backdrop, professional lighting, a camera, and some technology.
We have re-branded to represent the West. Alberta, British Colombia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and the North West Territories. We are the voice of the West on sovereignty, social issues, and politics.
Thank you to everyone who has been sending me news clips, videos, and articles.
I try to read and listen to them all. You are like my very own volunteer research team. The truth is won in the trenches, and heroes are recognized afterward. The heroes are not always the people in front of the cameras. For a grassroots movement, everyone has a role to play. Thank you all very much.
To achieve our Western goals, we will need a smart army of dedicated volunteers.
The news has centered around the WE scandal as it continues to unfold. I have stopped caring about Trudeau’s corruption and scandals. It is becoming increasingly apparent to more and more of us that the only option is out. The West needs to be out.
As bad of a leader as Trudeau is and as horrible of a person he is, and I don’t condone his behavior. Still, I am having a difficult time thinking of any federal government in Canada in the past five decades, liberal or conservative, who hasn’t had a scandal related to corruption. Can you think of a scandal-free government? Trudeau’s crowd brings crime to a whole new level, maybe this level of corruption will be the new normal in Ottawa? Each corruption story seems to be bigger than the last and with fewer consequences. Canadians seem to be numbed to each scandal. Our level of caring seems to diminish with each reported story as government officials become braver and more brazen in their obvious crime sprees. Ottawa politicians, both liberal and conservative for decades, have had an “I don’t care attitude.” Both parties have been bold and without shame in stealing our money. The West needs to leave this cesspool.
Dedicated separatists need to figure out how are we going to convince others to support sovereignty? Calling them idiots or stupid is not the answer. Don’t do that, please. Dedicated separatists are going to vote yes, but how do we win over the undecided moderates? Win over the moderates is our goal at ATTP. All separatists need to understand we can’t do this alone. We need to persuade the undecided.
More to follow in the coming weeks and months on Western alienation and Western Sovereignty. Please approach it with an open mind and an open heart.
See you at our new studio with a new video next week. Please approach Western Politics with an open heart and an open mind. We will find the answers together.

As Always, Be Nice.

3 thoughts on “New Studio Update.

  1. Hello Ambrose,
    Glad to hear you are “upping” the format, let us know if you are still taking donations as this is not with out serious cost to you.
    As for convincing Western Canada or that matter Southern Ontario that separation is the only choice, it is very simple actually. It come down to assets and asset stripping. If like minded Canadians who cherish liberty and do not come on side, the Liberals will eviscerate and and vanquish all productive wealth until what is left is Greece 2.0. These successive scandals merely high light that separation is a matter of an economic existential question rather than ideology.


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