Kenney’s Lockdown

4 thoughts on “Kenney’s Lockdown

  1. Hello Ambrose,
    Good to have you back. I echo your experience as it sounds quite like my own. Over the past six years I have seen the oil and gas industry eviscerated. Once proud and large oil field service companies have been relegated to shadows of what they once were.
    Mr. Kenney unfortunately has proven himself to be long on verbiage and short on action. At a minimum we as Alberta, by this point, should have implemented the 2001 Firewall proposal as set out by Harper, Morten and Knopff et al. With his recent announcement of an increased carbon levy, Mr. Trudeau, just like his father, will destroy the resource extraction sector of the Canadian economy. This time however, he will take down industry of Central Canada as well. Time will tell if the Liberal bastion of support in that are will remain, not that I expect the Conservatives to be much better. For my take, I have joined Wildrose Independence. Will see how that evolves.
    As for Covid 19 / Sars Cov 2, no doubt that people with two of more pre-existing health conditions over the age of 60 are susceptible to this virus. However, this virus has a 99.95 percent recovery rate. Mr. Kenney is following the directives of his handlers. As with the rest of the Western world no one is looking to examples in Japan, Taiwan, Holland, Sweden, and even China where there are no look downs to this degree. We had four to five months to build temporary auxiliary hospitals in Alberta to service those in need. The Feds had four to five months to grant temporary work visas to global health professionals to assist our licenced health practitioners in addressing the second wave. Both levels sat on their hands and have demonstrated how inept they truly are. Waiting for a vaccine was their strategy, and a poor one at that.
    In the entire West, we are about enter the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Some economists are already referring to this as the Greatest Depression. In Alberta, the economic decline will continue. If we are not carful this may result in another NPD government which will be the end of any hope of prudent economic and political policies. I for one will ensure that I can do what I can to prevent this. My hope is that rest of Alberta has the same perspective.
    Merry Christmas to All


  2. Glad to see you are back and I must admit I have been hoping you would come back again. Although we must Focus Locally we must Think Globally because the problem is bigger than our local governments, provincial governments and federal governments. keep me posted as to what you are going to be doing and I will be proud to support you. Here is some ammunition for you. Canada is in desperate need for politician that: when elected will not succumb to peer pressure of fellow career politicians within their party, but instead will stand strong against socialism will not comprise their credibility because of having accepted financial support from corporations and special interest groups. Will have the strength and the strategy needed to win the war against Marxist mainstream and socialist social media that have become the propaganda arm of left wing government, globalists and socialists at large. create awareness of the dozens of independent news sources let people decide what to believe as opposed to being brainwashed. Last but not least, whether a mayor, a city councilor, an MP, a premier or prime minister, they must think for themselves and take uncompromising stand for the people whom elected them. Much like a Donald Trump! As it relates to Covid19 it would be required that this elected official challenge the so called experts by making it possible for medical professionals, scientists, and like experts to come forward without the risk of being defamed or automatically labeled quacks. Please review the resources listed below as they will prove to be invaluable as it relates to making decisions on Lockdowns. The truth will set us free ! Actually the truth will only set us free and it has bit us in the ass so hard that we can no longer ignore it. Lawlessness is best dealt with using the rule of law however when the government is corrupt and the rule of law is ignored than lawlessness must be dealt with using lawlessness . Sorry to say that time has come. The question is how many Canadians are willing, ready and able to do whatever is necessary? While you’re deciding if you are one of those Canadians take a look and listen to the facts!

    Thousands of Doctors Speak Out—VACCINE-:a?fbclid=IwAR0VoD-W1G5Z-dAosiP82Me2dtYPvfwHLm8P8L2qF0mbDnz_EUYAk1O4OTA

    Dessenting doctors issue Covid19 herd immunity declaration

    International Network of Lawyers lead in class action lawsuit over testing equipment procedure fraud used by governments to commit the largest ever Crime Against Humanity

    Denis Pequin Yours for Truth Freedom Health



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